Use Google search box to variable visitors

7.1  use search to make money

what happens if visitors don’t find what they want on your site? Of course they will feel bored, it is likely that they want to do more searches

or update the current search. If you provide a Google search box, you can keep these " fugitives " – and click on the search results by their

advertising to make money.  

Google’s search box is not just to bring some extra convenience to your visitors it can actually make money for you!  

if your Adsense ads are easily ignored by visitors, then put a Google search box below these ads to attract visitors to search

rope. Some simple sentences can give off a lot of magic, such as: " not find what you want? Try Google search bar! "  

a Google search box allows your visitors to define exactly what they want, so it can also be used for your web page " pull " to some correlation stronger

ad. At the same time, through the search for a number of special features, you can extract those in line with the needs of advertising, and make them appear at the top of the search results.  

places a search box below the Google text ads, allowing visitors to search for content or goals that are more in line with their appetite. When visitors are searching for

When you click on an ad in the result of the

cable, you will be.  

you can allow visitors to choose is to search the station or the entire Internet search. In the case of as much as possible, the use of light gray search box wind

grid, which makes it look more believable and legal! Note that although Google is constantly changing the pattern on their LOGO, they never play

get their search button.  

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