Gome online 1 hours double 11 units orders to break 2 million

news November 11th, billion state power network was informed that as of 1, the United States online transactions total 366% yoy, orders exceeded 2 million, the mobile terminal orders again accounted for 72%.

, digital home appliances grew by 482%, of which a substantial increase in mobile phone category close to 1100%, an increase of nearly 2320% of the car, the financial growth of nearly 1900%, supermarket department stores, home improvement explosion is popular.

among them, apple, Haier, Midea, HUAWEI, Hisense home appliance 3C brand sales charts Top5, supermarket department store category

top 5 brands as Moutai, Jomoo, Vinda, the Yanghe River, nanjiren; household appliances 3C commodity category sales top 5 respectively for mobile phone, washing machine, refrigerator, flat screen TV, air conditioning, liquor, furniture, down clothes, quilts, towels are placed in the supermarket department store goods category sales ranking Top5 selling; the first ten were Beijing City, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Tianjin.

in addition, according to official data show that Gome online on 11, 0, 4000 United States online free single ended 8 seconds was finished. The name of one of the top 11 users get 4999 yuan for free.

appliances, 11, 1 hours, 2999 yuan Hisense 4K 55 inch smart TV sales exceeded 3000 units, 919 yuan Haier 7.5 kilograms full automatic washing machine sales reached 4000 units, 5599 yuan SIEMENS 610 liters refrigerator door, sold more than 2000 units, a large GREE air-conditioning sales exceeded 3500 units, large screen smart, high-end home appliances favored. Mobile phone, 1 hours iPhone7 selling over ten million units, HUAWEI P9 within one hour sales exceeded 3000 units, red rice 3S sold 4500 units.

supermarket department store, 1 hours 29 yuan breeze gold pure log 20 pack out of paper sales over 70000 bags, 4800 bottles of 939 yuan price of 52 degrees flying Moutai is sold out within an hour, 599 yuan 42 of the Yanghe River blue classic sold 8000 boxes, 99 yuan of the Antarctic winter eider down clothing sold 30000, 84 yuan of 7 pounds of lamb cashmere quilt nanjiren sales of over 20000, 1199 yuan good children car seat sales over 5000. Car 1 hours sold more than 200 units,

double 11 deposit pre-sale in the United States online users, payments to pay from the beginning the evening of 10 20 points, up to 11 days in 1, there have been more than 200 thousand users paid the final payment, payment before the 50 sent free single, before the 500 sent GREE electric heater, 2500 to the blue moon liquid detergent.

said the United States online, this year 11 advocates the return to the retail nature, quality, price, target rate of three to ten ring, the whole category of battle will continue to 12, 24 points.

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