Ctrip Dangdang and other sites set up an alliance to share big data

recently, a named UMA (China Internet Quality audience marketing alliance) released a big data platform. Maybe you UMA unfamiliar, but within the alliance companies but are familiar Internet Co: Ctrip, dangdang.com, BITAUTO, zhenai, Zhaopin, ESPN network etc.. Is the common feature of these enterprises is deep in the vertical field. At present, UMA chief CEO Fan Min is Ctrip’s.

actually, this union was established in 2011, the original intention is to promote joint marketing between major companies. With the depth of the application of big data in the Internet, they decided to build a big data application platform within the League of companies like crystal technology.

first, the data are stored in their own private platform, managed by the enterprise itself. Second, with the bulk of data package, the response mechanism between UMA members, that is when you need what data, corresponding to a request within the alliance enterprise. Third, which data is willing to mark, which is willing to share, these are determined by the enterprise. Fourth, the two sides shook hands data successfully, the platform itself does not retain data, so companies do not have to worry about data leakage.

at present, this big data platform is only open for UMA alliance members, with immediate effect has been part of the core members of the enterprise trial. And they only exchange data, not in the form of trading. In the future, will absorb more vertical Internet industry to meet the requirements.

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