Guangzhou Taobao village rent up 50% small sellers for 3 months in a shop

each intern reporter Chen Pengli from Guangzhou

hole in the village of the day, is to wake up the courier.

the morning of July 3rd 10, under the scorching sun, the "Taobao Cun, Guangzhou Panyu Southern towns, in addition to passing traffic on the main road rare, empty floor alley.

One hour after

, 00 couriers do riding a motorcycle, the shuttle in the floor between the alley, screaming shouting "XX Lou XXX collection", the village lirendong slowly from the "sleeping" in "wake up". Until after lunch, shopkeepers closed shop open, rest, according to their orders to start the day, gradually starting to pick up.

8 in the evening, it is the busiest time of the village, the most lively, merchants were busy packing, couriers were full out, from door to door collection. One o’clock in the morning, "Taobao village" has just faded a day of busy and lively, quiet down.

Ali Research Center released data show that as of the end of 2013, the country has a total of 20 large Taobao village". Guangdong village is only one of the two "Taobao village".

"Taobao village" was a creation of "overnight" legend. "At the beginning of guangzhebangzi village, drove the car out of the village at the end of the story, to attract a large number of migrant workers come to suck money".

However, in

, a research report of the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences released last year showed that lirendong village because of rising rents and the "escape" business amounted to more than and 100.

the "daily economic news" reporter field survey found that this village Taobao seller is confronted with hitherto unknown pressure to survive, in addition to the rapid rise in rent, Taobao new regulations also put forward higher requirements on them, if the operation is not good, only closed the store and then open a new store, like guerrilla operations.

last year hundreds of businesses moved away from

in Guangzhou Panyu Southern towns lirendong village, Taobao business is mainly concentrated on the 12 Street Chaoyang District, more than 95% businesses engaged in women, the majority of businesses from Chaozhou, Hubei.

understood lirendong village is only in recent years developed into "Taobao village", peaked in 2012, with the village, the growing ranks of electricity providers, the rent is rising, businesses continue to squeeze profit margins.

recently, the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences released the "2013 Guangzhou blue book trade investigation report" shows lirendong village gathered about 600 more than the Taobao business, express more than and 20. Last year, due to rising rents, hundreds of Taobao businesses have moved out of the village.

although this year’s National Bureau of statistics data show that house prices in June, 71 in Guangzhou and other major city property market inflection point, home prices fell, but the city housing rental market is still rising down be in full swing. Rent statistics Hopefluent 2014 first quarter, quarter, Guangzhou.

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