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1.12306 web site denied the sale of train tickets queuing function

in September 20th to 12306 booking is difficult, is the railway sector to stay inside the ticket, in the title, reported on the eve of the holiday netizens questioned. News editions, the railway department apologized, and then there are media reports, starting from the day before yesterday, 12306 sites on the abolition of the queuing function. Yesterday, the reporter called the customer service, customer service staff said that at present there is no access to the site to cancel the queue, the notice, the industry also analyzed 12306 unlikely".


12306 web site denied the sale of train tickets queuing function

2 Suning red children and the annexation of vertical electric solution samples

months of rumors finally settled yesterday, Suning announced the acquisition of $66 million in the field of maternal and child vertical electricity supplier in the field of red children.

the acquisition includes the "red child", "bean purchase" two big business. After the completion of the transaction, in terms of procurement, logistics, services, information, human resources, Suning will be a comprehensive integration of the red child company. Red children will operate as maternal channel suning.com, while retaining the "red child" brand and independent domain name.


Suning red children and the annexation of vertical electric solution samples

3 off the guest can not access the alleged release of illegal advertising temporarily closed station

September 26th news, second-hand housing site off the guest from yesterday has not been able to visit. Insiders broke the news that live off alleged illegal advertising was punished by the authorities concerned.

temporarily off the guest side does not respond.

live off the site is currently displayed, the need for major network and information system upgrades, the team is going all out to respond to the fastest speed and repair. The company belongs to the group’s three other domain names are pointing to live off site, currently can not visit.

live off site on 2007 04 officially launched on the line, as of June 2012, live off group completed a total of $72 million in the $four round of financing, of which the fourth round of $50 million led by Baidu. Currently live off more than 10 million users.

latest news: restore access to

4 China’s first domain name registration service provider into the defendant

news September 26th, the reputation of citizens by slander attack on the network, in addition to the release of infringing speech of rights, so to provide network service providers should bear responsibility? Is the first case of domestic domain name registrar to the defendant’s case, the Xinxiang court in Henan.

Henan Xinxiang citizens Choi

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