Ali why double 11 frozen O2O Department stores are catching up this year


] – eleven for billion state power network is like a raging fire in the traditional retail line, Tmall finally moves.

October 29th, billion state power network who received the news broke, the Alibaba is under the joint line department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets, plans to launch a special O2O – "go shopping" – further integration of online and offline resources in the double eleven period, full participation.

now, Tmall has around brands launched pre-sale, for the next eleven day double flow bursting potential energy savings transaction. Judging from the previous situation, many businesses from the first half of the year has been well prepared, stockpile sprint double eleven.

however, department stores how to use O2O to participate in the activities of the scheme has eleven double airtight, not the slightest trace to follow.

last week, Tmall President Qiao Feng (Wang Yulei) for the first time, said Ali’s O2O play is a member of the line through the enjoyment of the rights and interests. There will be 16 including intime City Department Store 22 group 300 stores will participate in the "double eleven" this year, the main shopping mall is the concept of the most suitable O2O consumption scenarios ", and online shopping spree to idle away in seeking pleasure two.

the latest news is that Tmall will open a "go shopping" as the main venue specific carrier, the department stores, shopping center goods moved online, together constitute the important unit of double eleven.

specific strategy is that Alibaba continue to play the flow of suppliers to the platform to do a good job of double the flow of eleven business, not involved in the actual operation, the department store to enter the Tmall entity identity.

, for example, to get intime intime investment business, will be intime network as a docking with Tmall entrance; Wangfujing department store online store is also likely to move to Tmall.


intime Tmall flagship store

Tmall has realized that the line passenger line to absorb the play does not work, this year to open two links, a stocktaking play together." The source pointed out that although last year Tmall also resorted to the double eleven O2O Shazhao, but no substantive breakthrough, more stays at the conceptual level, "this year, either Ali or businesses, want to do really vote, to accomplish something, to see the actual effect of cooperation."

According to

billion state power network to understand, during last year’s double eleven, Tmall is in O2O under the foot work, a lot of online shopping malls, shopping centers will be set up with vigour and vitality, and access to the Alipay to pay two-dimensional code. Joy is more open, Tmall is willing to do the fitting room. However, these marketing tools did not make the traditional retail industry feel the stimulus, on the contrary, the user was pulled to Tmall, resulting in offline customer base was blocked. Many shopping malls before and after the double eleven period, a deserted house.

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