Amazon push slow delivery service free shipping orders can be reduced by 3 yuan

daily news (reporter Shao Lanjie) shopping 4-7 days to choose the delivery cycle, not only free shipping, but also enjoy the order to reduce the additional 3 yuan discount. This is the day before the launch of the Amazon Chinese slow delivery service.

according to Amazon China has revealed that in the Amazon China Consumer 99 yuan and above if you choose 4-7 days of distribution, not only can enjoy free delivery, the amount of the order will be reduced by $3. However, this service is limited to the purchase of Amazon’s own products, not included in the seller’s goods, the distribution of only six regions in Shanghai and Harbin.

Amazon China said the move will help control costs. This is not only for the user to save shipping costs, but also to ease the pressure on the B2C. Behind the domestic electricity supplier price war as one falls, another rises with pressure, the logistics is also increasing, how to reduce the cost of logistics and distribution in the back end, to provide rapid and high quality delivery service has become the focus of business competition.

analysts believe that in the domestic electricity supplier will be faster logistics as an important measure to boost sales, Amazon launched the "Chinese brings slow delivery policy user experience will play a role in increasing user stickiness.

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