Group purchase industry fire gradually retreat monthly turnover of 2 million yuan to maintain

in Guangzhou in October 14% group purchase website shut down and the number of group purchase website is the first negative growth, the crazy expansion of blind enclosure, burn cause excessive capital chain tension, group purchase industry experience "thousand group war", many sites have been uninterested. October the total number of domestic buy site is now the first negative growth, the domestic buy industry, this winter special cold". Some experts said that the group purchase industry has been back in first-tier cities xuhuo, eventually forming a large occupation of the country, around the vertical small live "situation.

buy the end of the industry is still smoke, negative news constantly. Last week, the Beijing industrial and commercial inspection departments informed "Tissot" identification results, confirm the samples all counterfeit goods, Gaopeng (micro-blog) admitted selling fake and promised to double compensation.

The total number of

buy site is now the first negative growth of

reporter recently received a broke the news that China’s earliest and largest local service buy site 24 ticket network in Zhongshan and other places of office withdrawal, arrears of business loans, users apply for a refund.

this is just a microcosm of shrinking industry. The latest data group purchase navigation site 800 released October, because the page cannot be visited, the reason for stopping the updated products, such as business transformation is regarded as the group purchase website outage cumulative 1017, the total number of group purchase website is the first negative growth, 4057.

monthly turnover of 2 million yuan to maintain

Wang Wenwu is one of the first to enter the group purchase industry Zhongshan City, at the beginning of last June, he established the first domestic group purchase website "Zhongshan customer group". He gave reporters calculations, a network of at least 20 employees to buy, according to the monthly salary of $2500 per person, the monthly expenditure on manpower needs $50 thousand. Together with the office rent and other, generally need about 100000 yuan a month to maintain normal operation.

but he explained that the current gross profit margin of the group to buy 10% in general, the majority of about 5%. This is the website, monthly turnover of at least about 2000000 yuan, can earn about 100000 yuan expenditure.


14% buy site can not normally visit

According to the 800

group website data, as of the end of October, Guangzhou total group purchase website 283, which can display normal access to the site is 243, could not access or long time no update is regarded as a "close" to 40, accounting for about 14%. Data show that, as of now, Guangzhou’s market has declined for 2 consecutive months of turnover.


personalized recommendation to continue to develop

"this node closures and group purchase website phenomenon money supply and consumption environment have a great relationship, and around the supply of high quality businesses and competition, the marketing cost control competition gradually shifted to the member loyalty.

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