Commercial disputes catering O2O market started the battle for the world of soldiers

O2O is undoubtedly a dark horse in the Chinese electricity supplier market, it’s rapid expansion and growth in recent years, witnessed the rapid development of China’s O2O trajectory, but also a successful model of cross industry, cross domain.

The growth process of

O2O, is the epitome of the rapid development of Chinese O2O, through behind it, we can vaguely see the spectacular Chinese O2O market marketing battle.

O2O the rise of warlords, both market from disorderly to orderly development is inevitable, O2O industry reshuffle and a true portrayal of the spoiler.

(a) in the face of transformation, catering O2O market battle started

at present, China catering O2O market is a typical feudal separatist era, whether it is business tycoon or small catering enterprises in O2O, landing, staking, actively seeking market expansion strategy, it also highlights the turbulent Chinese catering O2O market.

in the survival, height of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the expansion in Chinese catering O2O market, the rapid development of the industry today, who can in this big battle in a symbol of war in ancient China win his victory? What is its inspiration for future catering O2O market development of


O2O catering development exists in a huge market, small and medium-sized catering O2O enterprise’s survival is often to capture the rise of market opportunities, some of the primary ways of marketing can allow enterprises to win a certain profit and capital, win a survival of the success of the campaign, become the market dark horse.

in the face of increasing environment and competitors Chinese catering O2O market rapidly changing, extensive marketing practices will enable more small and medium-sized catering enterprises in the face of large O2O enterprises in the competition more weak, need to build a system of marketing ability based on the market catering enterprise O2O to solve the fundamental problem, the market for enterprise breakthrough and lasting development. Permanent confrontation market is heading for war.

O2O catering market competition, homogenization of product, brand, model, the surface of the channel is not rational and the fierce competition of the industry, its true nature is catering O2O enterprises of their own skill is not strong enough, need to find suitable for their own development in the follow, and their own resources in market opportunities further play to the extreme.

catering O2O enterprises are facing the bottleneck and confusion of the transformation of the war, companies need to maintain the growth of the success of the establishment of profitability, and to achieve a disruptive breakthrough in the product to the brand, in order to effectively enhance market sales. This breakthrough growth will depend more on the decision of the enterprise resource input and operation mode.

At this point

, financial strength of large enterprises, large scale, long cycle operation, but the decision procedure is complicated; although SMEs funds is weak, but the operating flexibility of strong, can achieve effective opportunity point in blasting.

in recent years through a lot of small O2O after mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, catering enterprises by large >

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