Various types of site planning profit model inventory

is now in the profit pattern of management website, we see all kinds of tactics, see we are dazzling. So many ways we can make money, you have tried? Or that you can conclude whether the profit model is what? Don’t worry, low once for everyone today trimmed clue, believe you will see light suddenly after reading.

mode 1: online advertising

this is the most common means of profit, all kinds of alliance AD, all kinds of physical plane or dynamic AD, together to build a beautiful scenery on the Internet information platform:

mode 2: direct or indirect product sales

this also occupy a certain Internet market. With the further development of e-commerce, it will continue to grow and develop. This pattern is common in some enterprise sites, product distribution sites and related sites.

mode 3: draw nature earnings

all kinds of pumping mode, constitute a way to the site profitability. Recently very hot Taobao guest can be classified as far as possible, although it is essentially doing product sales, but its website owners are not directly controlled by the profits of the product, but only get part of the pumping. This is different from the model two another channel.

mode 4:VIP system, paid to provide differentiated services with ordinary members

this profit model is common in a number of resource download stations, video download stations, video stations, etc., is also a common profit planning.

mode 5: virtual equipment, props, such as the sale of

or it can be said that rely on this type of virtual products profitable website, mostly engaged in online game operations and its subsidiary content, which is more targeted, but relatively limited profit planning.

mode 6: search competition, product investment, classification and integration of Web sites, such as

do not know if you have any of these concepts, can you understand it? For example "search race row", we refer to the Baidu bid ranking system is clear, others pay you his promotion keywords or all kinds of products, Baidu received the money, give him a good ranking in the search results. This is the case, however, like GG, Baidu so cattle is unlikely, but this model is undoubtedly more or less exist. In addition, such as pay recommended better understanding.

mode 7: enterprise information services

this is not easy to understand, because the formulation is too professional reasons. But it is easy to understand the popular, in fact, is a professional enterprise to provide various types of information to provide a platform for the display of revenue. For example, some local recruitment information website, enterprise online.

mode: 8, customized ringing tone download MMS, SMS, electronic magazine subscription and other value-added telecom

before this profit planning has been very popular, many stations >

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