Email social media 2 times the effect of the strategy

development of the Internet media is the leading position in N, there are mountain mountain high, portal scenery not long, was replaced by BBS, followed by QQ, MSN and WeChat now A new force suddenly rises., mobile Internet platform play a leading role in the. Of course, U-Mail small does not mean that completely replaced, like mobile phone out, fixed telephone is still firmly occupy a market, each platform has its unique advantages, like mass mailing, the importance of being weakened, but with the marketing to the individual, large file transfer has become the norm, but many the enterprise preferred.

, of course, any marketing platforms are not blanket, potential consumers will catch them all, especially the people access to information channels diversified today, so marketers should be good at combining multiple platforms, complement each other, forming a three-dimensional communication network, to maximize the communication area. In fact, e-mail marketing platform and social media can be a good blend of the following U-Mail mail marketing platform to mention a few practical strategies:


1 mail template integrated social media platform

can integrate a lot of social media platform in a prominent position in the mail template to encourage your potential consumers to pay attention and forward to share the content of the message.

2 promotes email on social media

Key words

concise excerpt from email, summarizes its main content, the spread of social media, after a reader’s interest, readers are encouraged to go to the company website registered email or leave receive mail, or mark of words such as "guide for more details, please subscribe… Encourage readers to include your email in the white list".

3 with the help of social media interactive attributes to share the

social media platform has the advantages of instant communication, in order to enhance the promotion of persuasive goods / services of bulk mail, we can see: fans on social media comments, especially those that describe the specific details of the objective recognition of the comments, sending email to excerpts.

4 unified style propaganda steps consistent

each company will make every quarter / month / week marketing plan, marketing personnel should fully cooperate with the company’s marketing strategy in the promotion, let each platform coordinate fully demonstrate the company’s image, such as design style, which reflects the mail template elements and social media brand image should be the same as in the bulk mail; a discount promotion activities, social media also echoed.

5 data collection and analysis

We can

in social media immediately carry out discussion to understand the consumer interest, can also be compiled more detailed research topics, extensive, in-depth and comprehensive, strengthen social media > Ping

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