E bag wash 100 million B round of financing behind the story

August 5, 2015, O2O laundry service brand e bag wash announced the $100 million B round of financing, the current round of financing led by Baidu investment, A round of investment in China and SIG Jingwei investment. E bags wash was founded in November 2013. Rongchang Yaohua network technology (Beijing) Co. the company’s brand, won the Rongchang group and Tencent of nearly 20 million yuan Angel round of financing in July 2014, November 2014 and Chinese and SIG combined to obtain the latitude and longitude of the $20 million A round of financing. Rongchang was founded in 1990, focused on traditional dyeing business, in addition to its e bag wash, washing and dyeing, washing, and Rongchang Elsa Luo Di luxury maintenance line maintenance and washing brand high-end domestic service. E bags wash B marks the completion of the Rongchang round of financing service transformation O2O has initial success, the next will continue to be staking, community O2O and the new Internet entrance, which is the main reason for e bags wash Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants investment.


e bag wash business model

e bags wash technology partner Cen Yonghong said, e bags wash laundry industry to subvert the Internet looking for ideas at the end of 2013, then made a study of the laundry service, found the laundry work time is not convenient for users, and laundry traffic position is often not convenient parking. So, e bag wash want to do a particularly simple, easy to use products, launched a 99 yuan laundry e bag wash products.

e wash bags take pick-up and within 72 hours to wash good ways to subvert the traditional washing industry; e wash bags price for 99 yuan per bag billing, users only need to put the bag can be fully filled, and the number of independent. Cen Yonghong said, e wash bags from the minimalist products and low-end market development under two aspects, grasp the key products and user experience feelings. In the minimalist product, e bags wash from the user demand point of creating a "simple and convenient" service processes: the user through a single mobile terminal, a special community "e house" pick-up and stay clothes after being washed and then returned to the whole clothes, transfer does not exceed 1 minutes. In the low-end market, in order to improve the participation of users, e bags wash in the characteristics of 99 yuan a bag of washing service, combined with washing and innovative coupons issued cross-border marketing, in order to further explore the low-end market.

in terms of business operations, e bags wash washing light focusing on the implementation of "outsourcing" mode, a large group of physical stores will rely on washing, e bags wash itself as a platform for the next line of cooperation stores drainage, ensure the quality of laundry through existing stores; in the logistics operation and management aspects, e wash bags with community as a unit the recruitment of local community members, community as a "small e housekeeper", "last 500 meters" guarantee logistics distribution speed, while using the district staff and users to establish a good interactive relationship. E bag washing is the biggest advantage of Rongchang’s line of resources and operational experience to support the current Rongchang service in the country has nearly a thousand stores

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