Double eleven express volume approaching 600 million accused of shopping disaster

When Taobao

Tmall "double eleven" on the 57 billion 100 million day sales record again, express industry is already coming exam once a year. Display information monitoring system, from November 10th to November 17th in 7 days time, the whole industry needs to deal with the mail (mail) will reach 586 million, an increase of nearly 70% over the same period last year, the highest daily processing capacity will be close to 100 million, growth of 54% over the same period last year, this year is the daily handling capacity (33 million 90 thousand / day) 3 times.


official website, November 11th 00:00-20:00, STO Tmall platform orders exceeded 22 million, "double eleven" all day long STO whole network orders over 30 million 500 thousand, again to refresh the record industry.

rhyme Express provides data show that as of "double eleven" 16:27, the business volume has exceeded 10 million, "double eleven" on the first day of the nationwide Lanshou Express has reached 20 million 580 thousand, has exceeded last year Yunda express one-day extreme peak received 12 million 560 thousand pieces of lan.

Express data in the

display, at 13:58 on November 11th, through courier business volume exceeded 10 million, this rate earlier than last year 7 hours and 30 minutes; to day 22, the business volume exceeded 20 million; "double eleven" all day long business volume reached 24 million 200 thousand.

in fact, the major courier companies on the double eleven to express the amount of the courier has been prepared. Since June this year, there are courier companies began to recruit. According to statistics, in response to the double eleven this year, courier companies to increase the new courier 200 thousand, the new expansion of more than more than the transfer center, an increase of nearly 1 million 900 thousand square meters of work space, more than 12 thousand new trunk vehicles. This year a total of 1 million 300 thousand couriers to join the double eleven, compared with 2009, more than 2 times more than doubled in.

however, insiders said, because the north of Guangzhou and areas of radiation around the city logistics layout itself more perfect, a second tier city will deal with the basic prediction order, but the three or four line of the city logistics investment for itself is insufficient, or there will be a long time delay explosion or distribution situation.

Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and economics researcher Song Ze said that the development of China’s express industry is passive development, is the rapid development of e-commerce dragged away. Double eleven so concentrated outbreak of shopping feast, no matter what happens in the country, its express logistics can not keep up. As the "eleven Golden Week", because of the time and space are gathered, often also bursting phenomena in different scenic spots. Such a "shopping feast", it is better to say "shopping disaster" is more appropriate, many people deliberately crowded in this day shopping, really can buy for their own, useful and valuable things.

it is understood that last year, double eleven Tmall return rate of up to 25%, some businesses return rate as high as 40%. Impulse shopping can only bring high returns, which is a waste of human resources

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