CCC research report into the golden period of China’s e commerce development

gold research recently published a depth of e-commerce industry research report, the report believes that China’s e-commerce into the golden age, the main points are as follows:

electronic commerce in business "as the core, electronic means, the use of network technology to the traditional business activities shift from offline to online, to help businesses and individuals to break the traditional trade activities of the geographical barriers, realize the personalized collaborative manufacturing and scale effect. In the past ten years, China’s e-commerce network and information was successfully grafted onto the base of traditional enterprise industrialization, and gave birth to the Alibaba as the representative of the many outstanding B2B e-commerce enterprises, service millions of small and medium-sized enterprises China family businesses. With the growing scale of Internet users in China, the application of the terminal is more popular, e-commerce is an irreversible change in people’s daily life, the rapid development of e-commerce applications in the golden age.

Chinese e-commerce into the golden age

according to the China Internet Research Center (CNNIC) data show that in 2010 China’s Internet users grew by 09 compared to the size of 19.1% to 460 million, Internet penetration rate reached 34.3%. Through the United States, South Korea, the development trend of e-commerce industry research shows that the peak of e-commerce growth are in the Internet users penetration rate in the rapid growth of 30%-60%. China’s Internet penetration rate is expected to reach more than 50% in 2013, during which (2010-2013) will grow at a CAGR of 12%-15%. China’s e-commerce industry will fully enjoy the dividends of Internet users scale and incremental, market size is expected to reach 1 trillion and 500 billion in 2013, accounting for the total retail sales of consumer goods accounted for 6.5% of total industry compound growth rate of 35%-40%. Dominated by pure Internet companies Chinese B2C e-commerce will led the whole industry growth significantly higher than that of the United States (more than 80% of the B2C e-commerce platform), in the 2010-2013 period will maintain 60%-70% years in line with the growth rate of B2C e-commerce accounted for the proportion of bank in 2013 is expected to increase to 40%.


e-commerce potential over online advertising and online games

network structure of the age of the population is flat, the demand for entertainment applications to business applications from the transition. China’s Internet users in the early age of 16-30 years of age, significantly promoted the rapid development of internet entertainment applications. Along with the growth of the Internet and the popularity of China’s current population of Internet users also tend to be older, but also to the demand structure of business and life change. From the experience of South Korea and the United States can be seen in the Internet penetration rate of 30% to 60%, e-commerce is the biggest beneficiary of the Internet sector. As the product of the integration of the real economy and the virtual economy, the development potential and sustainability of e-commerce will be much higher than that of the network

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