P2P platform over a thousand questions at the end of the foot curse can break

each reporter Shi Na

with the introduction of the industry, the basic law, in July this year, Internet banking has entered a new stage. However, in the case of the industry is still not looking forward to the regulatory details of the landing, the lack of asset allocation, the emergence of P2P net loan platform to accelerate the layout of the asset side. It is understood that in the macroeconomic situation has not yet improved significantly, China’s banking sector is facing a rising rate of adverse pressure.

near the end of the year, P2P net loan industry will be affected and the reproduction of "run away" tide? Investor demand for funds will bring liquidity pressure to the P2P platform? Each platform will take what measures? Investors what matters needing attention in the choice of platform? In this regard, the "Daily Economic news" reporter conducted a survey interview.

through the "no supervision" era, the Internet Finance finally in July this year in the central bank and other ten ministries jointly issued the "basic law" of Internet financial industry — "on promoting the healthy development of Internet financial guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance").

this year, the overall economic situation is more severe, the real economy is not optimistic about the development of P2P net loan caused a certain impact." Tao Zaiping, deputy director of the Department of information technology, Zhejiang Financial College, the daily economic news reporter, said the industry reshuffle has just begun, the future may be the formation of dozens of giant situation. But near the end of the foot phenomenon is difficult to avoid.

P2P platform to accelerate asset side layout

net loan home data show that in October 2015, China’s P2P net loan industry loan balance has increased to 351 billion 549 million yuan, an increase of 10.68% over the same period in September, is the same period last year, an increase of 4.72 times. According to net loan loan growth rate since 2015, is expected by the end of this year, net loan industry loan balance will exceed 400 billion yuan.

at the same time, this year, P2P platforms are faced with varying degrees of asset allocation shortage problem, accelerate the development of high-quality assets has become a priority P2P channel platform.

it is understood that, in response to the "configuration" asset shortage, Zhejiang copper meters Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the shopkeeper in the original copper) recently mainly imported cross-border electricity projects, and increase the export related financing services, and also began to layout O2O one service, consumer finance, supply chain finance.

chief information officer Shaoce gold copper shopkeeper told the "daily economic news" reporter, "asset allocation shortage" has always been an important factor affecting the development of the industry, we must speed up the "runway" layout to digest traffic.

in addition to its own assets to broaden the source of the project, some platforms to increase the supply of assets through external cooperation. November 26th, Beijing Phoenix Credit Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as financial workshops) and the Tianjin Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Stock Exchange) signed a cooperation agreement in order to enrich the type of asset platform.

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