The original starting point of entrepreneurial team new website Tencent hit tens of billions of roya

Tencent to encroach on the network literature pace, and not because the starting point Chinese founder lolli sudden stop. Yesterday (May 30th), the network literature platform starting point Chinese network original entrepreneurship and backbone team carefully crafted creation Chinese network officially launched, Tencent and the big two Internet giants in the network literature in the field of war officially put on the table.


Chinese network editor Yang Chen yesterday on the "daily economic news" reporter said, the Chinese network will be one hundred thousand of the annual salary of one hundred thousand writers "as the goal, relying on the channel advantage of Tencent, will work to market quickly, so as to carry out the operation of the virtuous cycle. According to the above statement, means that the creation of Chinese network will be 10 billion yuan at the network literature market.

Internet veteran commentator Cao Yueping believes that Tencent "not bad money" for a long time, will change the network literature market grand a dominant situation. But the network literature is in the upper reaches of the pan entertainment strategy of Tencent, Tencent can change the development of the network literature for many years, in the case of the current grand literature occupies the first mover advantage, it remains to be seen.

Tencent, grand running upgrade

, according to the daily economic news reporter, the creation of the Chinese network using the two domain name Tencent, there have been news that the team has been Tencent investment. In this regard, Yang Chen said, just a strategic cooperation with Tencent, he refused to answer on the grounds of trade secrets on Tencent investment news.

, however, a source close to the Tencent insiders to the daily economic news reporter confirmed that Tencent invested the starting point of the entrepreneurial team, and jointly launched the creation of this new brand.

although the creation of the Chinese network just yesterday on the line, but has made the industry feel full of gunpowder. The site is to pay high starting point of the welfare poaching senior editor, management team, the establishment of website brand and reputation, to strive for the grand literary market share. It is understood that the current creation of the Chinese network to join the editorial team has been as many as more than and 40 people.

is backed by Tencent, let Chinese creation network the network literature "recruits" have enough clout. For the network literature is the core of the power – the author, the creation of the Chinese network in order to increase the competition with the old master Shanda literature chips, but also introduced a series of measures to draw".

"our methods include changing the standard and divided into copyright contracts the author permanently lost the situation, change the original welfare bound unspoken rule, change the rating no quantitative criteria of writer, author of fair competition for all." Yang Chen said.

According to Yang Chen

, the first step is to break the Chinese network into copyright contracts the author permanently lost the "industry practice", put forward the initial target of $100 thousand signing of 100 thousand writers, which set the minimum 1500 yuan / month the minimum living security system, also more than 1300 yuan in the starting point of.

The menacing

competitors also makes.

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