Liaoning’s largest pornographic website China miss friends union was destroyed

Department of over 3000 pornographic films, more than 10000 pornographic images of this website "content" is Goods are available in all varieties. After nearly a month of investigation, Liaoning has seized the largest pornography network "China miss friends alliance server Anshan police have been destroyed, but the suspect Wang is actually a lucrative state-owned technician. 4, 2009, the Anshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment told reporters the whole case.

super porn site is now Anshan

June 2nd, the Anshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment police found in the work, a man named "miss Chinese dating alliance" website often upload pornographic pictures, video and other harmful information, and the opportunity to profit, and the web server

address in Anshan!

police found that the site has 32561 registered members, various posts for more than 10 articles, click on the number of up to hundreds of thousands of times. Which website pornographic novels thousand articles, over 3000 pornographic films, more than 10000 pornographic images. "In addition to the above, this site has collected the 28 provinces and cities nationwide vice establishment ‘Miss’ information, regardless of’ Miss’ QQ, mobile phone number, or service project, the safety coefficient and the price, what things are!" a net police said, "yellow net station on this scale, not only is the Liaoning province is currently the largest, are rare even in China!"

just updated "content" on arrest

soon, the police through the technical means to target the suspect Wang and site server location. But in order not to act rashly and alert the enemy, the police decided to collect Wang evidence of a crime, such as the time is ripe to implement the arrest.

after the police investigation found that Miss China dating alliance was established by Wang in August 2007, due to the initial stage of the site in the form of a virtual host, so two months was shielded by the public security organs. In May this year, in order to continue the "business" website, Wang will be the original web content Kaodao buy their own servers, and servers located in the home to avoid the examination, and he is using a "peanut shell" software is to change the address, to prevent the site is blocked.

in the police to collect evidence at the same time, Wang also stepped up the vigilance of the site, and even had the intention to transfer the server to escape the attack.

to the server every Duandiao, network monitoring detachment vice captains Hou Shuhua decided immediately to arrest Wang in June 20th, the police arrested him. According to Wang explained that in the morning he just updated pornographic information on the site, and this is his last update in the country, then the server will be transferred to the outside.

for the popularity of their registered members of the

according to Wang explained that the beginning of the establishment of Miss China friends alliance website, in order to improve the visibility of the site in a short time, Wang himself using a variety of names registered more than 10000 members. Due to Wang’s tireless efforts, and soon, Miss China Friends Union in

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