Baidu will launch a new right ranking bidding system Phoenix nest

September 5th afternoon news, Sohu IT exclusively from reliable channels learned that Baidu will be launched in the near future on the right side of the new ranking system, the new system was named "Phoenix nest".

, a Baidu insider who declined to be named to Sohu IT confirmed the news, said phoenix nest system will soon launch.

according to a day before receiving the Baidu bid a new proposal to industry sources, Baidu phoenix nest system function and Google Adwords not much difference between the background. "Phoenix nest can provide regional settings, including delivery time, budget setting, keyword recommendation tools show the lowest price, creative round (advertisement Carousel) including a number of functions, the report provides data types and dimensions will also increase." Sources revealed.

related Baidu to the customer, said the launch of the phoenix nest system can effectively solve the problem of lack of data Baidu advertising. Baidu has provided only the amount of consumption and advertising clicks, which can not meet the needs of future advertisers, Baidu launched the new system may be based on this consideration." A person who has been accepted by Baidu bidding.


released in July at the end of the second quarter, operating income of about 802 million 600 thousand yuan, the network marketing revenue of about 802 million 200 thousand yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 100.2%. This growth came mainly from the increasing number of customers and household income. Baidu to pay the cost of the union is about 101 million 700 thousand yuan, accounting for the quarter’s revenue of $12.7%, compared with the same period last year was 11.2%.

According to Analysys International

research report released in July 24th said, for the 3 months ended June 30th, by revenue, Baidu in the search engine market share of 64.4%, higher than the first quarter of 60.7%.

sources, Baidu believes that the move will change the current search engine advertising extensive delivery situation. Baidu insiders said in an interview with Sohu IT consulting, phoenix nest system will soon launch.

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