To youth talk about the real reasons for blogging

sometimes have to admit that the blog has become a small project. In various sites now raging like a storm has rarely been able to calm, to write a blog, then sincere friends and exchange. To put it bluntly, now people are concerned to the user can bring their own conversion rate, can bring the problem of money.

is now their operational focus has not on the blog, there are many other sites need to operate the hand, insist to write down for personal blog found in addition to money and other useful, although these advantages will bring their so-called money directly, but it does have some help in his career, which is also the main driving force in the recent years focus on the blog.

blog can better save contacts. In Chinese society, in addition to our ability to need bole. No matter what the line, we need to be able to appreciate their superiors or be able to help their own key. We are working people, can deeply feel the importance of people buy, sometimes you can’t be competent and not because of ability is not good, but because you can not let a stranger believe you, but if there is a component of the people is another thing you recommend. However, this is only in the workplace, the importance of networking in the store is even more self-evident. You have a relationship, you can pull a month sales orders, you never mind you that Thor, others will only give in order to gloss it over. Over the years to write a blog, really have a few friends in the industry. Among the recommended work and opportunities, so many detours, really feel the blog is a good channel for dating, not exaggerated, not interest, pay attention to are.

blog can actually be used as a supplement to the site marketing. Now micro-blog, WeChat power, many people have forgotten the importance of blogging as a media. Perhaps we think that the blog is not high and low rate of information transmission, there is no use of the value of. But I want to say that the more in the "think" things, but the value of more. A recent post fire, is about someone making millions of things in the post, a time triggered the forwarding of countless people, we have to worship, to seek more detailed information, and then make money on the Post search heat was an instant upgrade several times. The author is to seize such an opportunity to write a similar blog and timely included Baidu, a time to blog never thought of traffic, give their products loofah water do a publicity, and the trading volume in the past few days is surprisingly good. The reason is that Bowen ideal effect is entirely because of short Bowen carriers compared to micro-blog and the like have behavior more abundant, can we want to convey information presented in front of the target user. Micro-blog and WeChat can not do this, even if the service rate is not as good as the first two, but in terms of effectiveness, the blog still has its value.

so personal feeling blog still

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