Site operators eight website promotion tactics

      a site that wants to be known and recognized in a short time, promotion is essential. And if it is a commercial operation of the site, in the promotion of more attention should be paid to enhance their image of the site, if only the flow and no brand image, it is not successful. traffic big? Big, very big, but can you do anything? I can’t do anything.

      (discussed in the promotion only from the normal way, not including those through bundled software, nested Trojans, virus attacks promotion behavior)

      a press release, according to the characteristics of website promotion: finishing some depth, communication and strong information (such as dating, dating can be released through the media reports) and a powerful platform to the network media resources, media news promotion, when users know this web site is through when reading the news, will be easier to establish a positive image in the consumers; such as the 315 car complaints network released statistical analysis report of complaints is a good case;

      two, complementary cooperation promotion strategic alliance: for example station software and video site, to create a good video, still need to have certain professional knowledge, then the software can stand and video station cooperation, the video software download tutorial, this part of the integration the station to their own software, and for video station, not only help the function, but also save this part of the spending, it is a win-win situation;

      three, event marketing: a well planned event marketing is enough to make the site famous. We look at the social hot topic: before Mu Zimei, Sister Lotus, and now six Ma Shi Jing, forced to cry without a Hummer and so on, there is no trace of the event planning, personal websites, and therefore benefit. In fact, hidden in every corner of life marketing, we can see that we can not play their imagination, the scattered elements through the formation of a combination of strong impact. Of course, to make a good event marketing, not only need to have good material, need to have a strong media resources, but also need to have a keen ability to respond. Like DELL out of stock event, if a site can react in a timely manner, it is definitely an explosive marketing events. Since the end of May in the online complaints, until August years have not seen any website. And at this time the number of joint complaint list on a number of sites has reached thousands of people. There are similar Yin Yin network ninety percent off tickets, is also a kind of event marketing, and Yin Yin network it is also relying on the marketing of rage. It can be said that event marketing is the most profitable model with the least money! Need to promote the website of a friend must not miss this element;


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