How to know Baidu and blog promotion

after a few days of exploration site visits will finally be brought up, is actually very simple, today I will experience and share with you:
1, the use of Baidu know promotion
2, using a

blog for promotion, Baidu know promotion

· generalization process
· precautions

(1), can not be too poor to submit, don’t get a few people together to submit, that would easily be sealed.

(2), pay attention to the questions of the title, such as " mobile phone to download the novel well, we all know what good?" This itself is a good advertising, even if you do not answer, it will play a good effect.

(3), submit the issue in answer, not answer.

two, the use of blog promotion
· to promote the process of
(2), looking for the blog to have relationship with your website, you don’t have a book download but to sell rat poison that do the best professional counterparts.
(3), M

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