Jingdong express = Jingdong self Jingdong proprietary in the end how A text reading

these days on the Internet about Jingdong proprietary topic of discussion is very enthusiastic, one is the consumer buys all Jingdong proprietary goods invoice information is not Jingdong mall site, on the other hand, the Jingdong Jingdong Jingdong is self explaining "Group subsidiary since the battalion is the Jingdong owned". So, as long as the purchase of the Jingdong can be assured that the goods themselves, this time I will talk about how I buy Jingdong proprietary goods.


in the Jingdong mall consumption is not very much, but I believe that as long as the purchase of import goods, have the same assurance of product quality, customer service, whether the invoice issuing unit is A or B or C, I believe this is the choice of many consumers. A recent Jingdong shopping invoice is not taking Jingdong mall site owners "Jingdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd", and had little impact on individual consumers, because no ordinary consumers focus on customer service and reimbursement problems for invoice developers different.


at the same time, a lot of friends to buy their own products or choose not to invoice, the current Jingdong in some areas in the first pilot electronic invoice selection issue electronic invoices, will no longer receive paper invoices, simply do not care Invoicing business problem.


About Jingdong

mall "proprietary" and "third party sellers" how to distinguish, page merchandise marked the "Jingdong proprietary" and "link back to the number 6, 7 or 8 of the goods are Jingdong owned from the Jingdong, Jingdong warehouse warehousing, distribution, invoice provided by the Jingdong; the third party the seller is the goods by third parties arrange courier delivery, invoice of goods provided by the third party seller, I believe we are more convenient to distinguish clearly.

error: hair Jingdong express goods is Jingdong self?

in addition, there is one thing worth noting is that not all of the goods sent by Jingdong express are self Jingdong, there may be third party merchants to sell. Therefore, the current Jingdong has been like the third party platform to open, Jingdong mall sellers can choose Jingdong express delivery, you can also store the goods to the Jingdong warehouse, thus eliminating the packaging and delivery process.


a lot of goods in the title of Jingdong express words, but not necessarily Jingdong

that is, in many people’s impression that the hair of Jingdong express goods is Jingdong proprietary argument is not accurate. Finally, we also remind you, do not be in the title of the product in the product of the Jingdong in the words of the courier mistakenly.

Jingdong preferred delivery and provide aftermarket

next talk about how to buy Jingdong proprietary goods. First of all, I often pay attention to a variety of digital products in Jingdong, Jingdong

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