B2C directional flow promotion of several common ideas

B2C directional flow promotion strategies are classified into two types: one is a free promotion strategy, promotion strategy for PPC! Today we have two kinds of exchange, see that the most suitable B2C directional flow promotion.

free promotion strategy we are divided into: e-mail marketing, soft Wen marketing, SEO three categories, as for the forum marketing or blog marketing, I think it is not suitable for B2C marketing promotion!

email marketing

The arrival of the era of

E, e-mail is playing an indispensable role in the network life. Network mail frequency is far higher than the current postman messenger. Save a lot of cost. It is directional and free, it will be profitable! How to use mail send mail promotion B2C? How will we know the attraction? The Internet, bulk mail, most of the filter into the trash, but the promotion strategy of personnel as chase email marketing, because it brings the effect is really very intuitive!

mail marketing steps: first after the check – design a beautiful page with a professional promotional text – mail marketing – the use of detection tools for analysis – the use of analytical data to investigate = more accurate e-mail marketing!

soft marketing

soft benefits: let customers see, want to have the desire to buy, many sales of slimming products, friends, will use the soft marketing, using some personal photos, edit, and wrap text, released in the directional flow site, attract female customers into the sales page, conversion. Soft = advertising X packaging, soft Wen packaging method has many, here is no longer exchange!


I like a promotion marketing strategy, the benefits: directional flow precision. Disadvantages: long time. But once the use of SEO marketing, this is definitely a very precise marketing method, factor SEO contains more extensively, to host, speed, content, in the chain, the chain, domain name age, Guan Jian word distribution strategy and other factors, can make SEO a marketing failure, in the implementation of SEO real time, should pay attention to the concerns of content, in the chain, the chain, the word of Guan Jian

distribution strategy!


PPC is a short form of English Pay Per Click, which means that the Chinese Click paid advertising. Pay per click advertising is the most common form of online advertising for large companies. There are a lot of Web sites that offer a lot of clicks, including major portals (such as Sohu, Sina), search engines (Google and Baidu), and other web sites with larger views.

large e-commerce companies will use PPC marketing, good as customer, where the customer is advertising everywhere and PPC benefits are immediate, day day put profit, such as the Google Adwords marketing, the water inside is very deep, penetrating when he must.

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