From the industry website promotion means to see the importance of means

from the industry website promotion means to see the important means of

1 first mentioned to write the industry soft, the industry website, and the future development trend of the internet. Highlight the importance of online media industry website, marketing accuracy.

to speak frankly, is filled with paste on the cowhide moss spam, but don’t look at this little "dirty means" to feed a lot of people (looking for work permit, etc.).

of course, if you do not want to waste your brain cells, but also reproduced some of the industry is relatively strong professional articles to modify the release posted on the webmaster online, of course, the original value of the site is very large.

to find some effective channels to develop, for example, the main really plumbing plumbing industry enterprises. According to the online habits of business managers, as well as from their understanding of the purpose and needs of Internet access,

find some industry information website to publish or link some articles.

original or reproduced plumbing sanitary articles, such as raw materials, national macroeconomic policy, hot news technology innovation, industry development potential, direction, analysis, etc..

2 do swap links.

through the analysis of the audience, according to the characteristics of the industry, pick out a number of sites, communicate and do some links.

3 Forum promotion:

(1): some business people often log in the soft industry forum, industry or prospective articles, or show information, or industry conference information, rendering the media effect, to attract some managers to pay more attention to our website.

(2) in the business forum webmaster forum or outdated published soft Wen, that is conducive to the search engine, but also for enterprise promotion.

4 search industry list of enterprises, can be carried out in the form of mass mailing, promotional materials sent to the enterprise mailbox.

can be found on a number of business directories from the Alibaba or search for a number of business directories to send e-mail.

5 search engine optimization (SEO) (key)

(1) is the optimization of keywords. In the choice of keywords can be used for plumbing and sanitary enterprises to determine the search habits of some key words, not only the name of the commodity as the key words, such as raw materials can be used for keywords.

keyword selection is the most important, it determines the number of sites were searched, determines the influence of the search engine.

(2) link address.

6 provides a link to download the software link (Trojan form)

on the site to provide a link to the software download link. After downloading the software, there will be a plumbing and sanitary ware of the slogan and link address, click on the site link to visit our website, to improve the number of web browsing.

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