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in the fierce competition, enterprises want to succeed in this talent shows itself, is the indispensable tool of "marketing" and "marketing" in this tool, the minimum cost, the best, most can manifest the planning level, play 42 pounds skills, use of this tool is the network marketing ". And how to make good use of network marketing tools, learning, we can call it "network marketing planning"

network marketing planning level, determines the input and output of network marketing, network marketing in the work, from marketing to reach the target audience to complete orders, involving a series of process, many aspects of the network marketing plan is a comprehensive system including many knowledge and work. Simple SEO, website promotion and other work is only part of the network marketing planning.

in the ladder has long been a very interesting post, Stephen this week "do you think the difference between site planning and network marketing plan and what their relationship is


triggered a heated discussion, I put the contents of the discussion in the following:


point of view:

site planning is mainly in the early stage of the establishment of the site and the establishment of the process of design and supervision; website marketing planning is mainly on the site after the operation and promotion and commercial activities.


site planning should include the network marketing plan, all of the site or web hosting products need marketing.

Adou Ki:

network marketing planning should also include web site planning, not based on the web site to the network marketing, ah, there is no web site marketing like no father no mother’s child, like the root grass.


site planning: the site’s content, function, layout planning;

network marketing planning: the promotion of a certain or some products through the market and marketing, and product transactions through the network to complete.

difference: the former is aimed at the site planning, the latter is for product promotion planning;

: if this website is a for-profit website, must consider the corresponding attributes of the product form and show the function of the site planning, how to consider the future of the website promotion, what is the target market positioning, so the site planning should include network marketing planning.


network marketing planning is the basic elements of the site planning.

site planning is also the basic elements of network marketing planning.

you have me, I have you.


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