WeChat powder Dafa once and for all


tonight millet VIP member YY shares, there are a lot of really some dry cargo. But now I don’t do not share specific content of YY voice, until tomorrow to share.

now to bring one by my VIP students a light share articles, he is from the actual operation to dry cargo experience! Now we see what he is thinking of me as a person, and how to do their own powder suction method once and for all.

full article is as follows:

is very pleased to be able to borrow the teacher’s platform millet, and share some of the powder on the absorption of some experience. First introduce myself, my name is a light, in the Internet community touch Gunpa also has seven or eight years, but the real beginning of WeChat marketing is from the beginning of the first half of the cumulative recent, fortunately, in front of a few years of Internet experience, there are millet teachers and other Daniel help, the effect is still good, and to share with you today what attracts fans from precision.


teacher said, in order to enrichment, first of all to gather. So if you want to do WeChat marketing, poly people is an essential step, but how poly people do, this is a problem? Some of the so-called WeChat marketing experts (Note: black millet may refer to me), preaching the importance of execution, but the execution is really so important?

in a light seems, in fact, execution is of course very important, but if the method is not right, the execution is strong, but also no effect. A light to introduce you to these methods, not to mention a few days a few days, but one hundred or two hundred days of powder can be absorbed, and it is easy to operate.

nonsense not to say, into the theme, a light today and everyone, to share a video on Youku and other video sites suck powder skills. This method has two advantages, one is to draw fans are all super precision fans; two is the front operation well, you can back once and for all, as long as your video is found, then someone will add your WeChat.

a friend of a light, is to do cosmetics marketing, relying on this approach to attract 3000 precision fans, the latter did not how to promote the basic, every day there are forty or fifty fans take the initiative to add him.

on Youku suction powder steps are the following steps:

1 first you need to understand the type of fan you want to attract, so as to determine what you need to upload video. For example, you do cosmetics, so young women is your target audience, you will need to upload some young women love to watch the video, such as love movies, happy camp video.

if you really don’t know what love is your target group type video out here a light open and teach you a trick to see family, can not see the other places, only in the millet teacher platform can see, the trick is to big data. Youku video in the lower right corner there is a number of play, as follows:


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