Bank credit card blocked Alipay deal is going on

recently, Minsheng Bank credit card business cooperation with Alipay to stop a renewed attention. The industry generally believe that the prevention of illegal credit card cash to bring the industry risk is part of the main reason for the bank to halt this business. However, it is understood that the bank stopped Alipay credit card business is the main cause of unprofitable.


card to the bank credit limit

recently, part of the Credit Card Cardholder illegal cash rampant use of Alipay, some banks have also taken corresponding measures.

reporter yesterday login Alipay website, found that the current China bank, Minsheng Bank, agricultural bank, industrial bank and Shenzhen development bank credit card transactions are not supported by alipay. While other banks for online payment has also made the corresponding restrictions, such as the single highest limit of China Merchants Bank and China CITIC Bank credit card in Alipay were 499.99 yuan and 500 yuan, the China Everbright Bank daily limit of up to 300 yuan. Bank of communications certificate of credit card limit customer daily limit of 10 thousand yuan. Allegedly, the main purpose of banks to limit credit card in the Alipay deal is to prevent cash may have the risk of bad debts. Minsheng Bank why stop Alipay credit card business, like this do practice shouldn’t give people talk about? According to the


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