Yi Jie Luxuries leveraging the nternet to do a professional business men

According to a recent

iResearch released "2009-2010 Chinese apparel online shopping Research Report" shows that the clothing has become the first online shopping categories of goods, including clothing, B2C turnover in 2009 is about 2 billion 400 million yuan, representing a growth rate of up to 100%. The VANCL to 28.4% of the market share of independent sales clothing B2C website first.

clothing e-commerce bring garment industry not only reduce the cost, increase profits; can help clothing enterprise real-time tracking the market, predict the changes of customers’ needs, quickly and accurately respond to customer requirements. UNIQLO, Lining, peacebird mainstream brand, also continue to follow up, to select network marketing platform for market expansion.

but unfortunately, up to now, almost no one has heard that consumers feel that they have to wear a VANCL in a group (middle class, elite or other) to buy the feeling. Since the beginning of PPG, light company mode of low prices, it has been an important factor to attract consumers to choose online shopping shirt. The fourth annual meeting of China’s online retail experts also said, VANCL and other emerging network of clothing brands in the public awareness of the time, and did not get the identity of the brand synchronization."

In fact,

VANCL brand journey has been in progress. Since November 2008, the old said to VANCL to create a new Internet ethnic life style, similar to the U.S. GAP, VANCL brand journey from GAP to the elite, then from the elite to the citizens of ZARA are showing an uncertain exploration route.

Compared with

, in early 2009 to get involved in the Internet clothing sales of men’s clothing brand clothing Market: Luxuries street, from the beginning, the brand positioning has been clear and firm: go online apparel business line. Adhere to the "internal and pragmatic" brand value concept, committed to business people and government officials wearing needs. In the clothing street LuxeHome general manager of the heart: go pure political line, people-oriented, pay attention to the emotional communication. In this position the company a, the customer is the core of "do big" light company ".

online shopping, consumers are most worried about is the seller’s integrity, product quality, delivery, returns and other factors. It attaches great importance to brand integrity, distribution, returns and other problems and treatments. Yi Jie Luxuries is not only a 24 hours without closing the shop, in the shop at the beginning it was held for two months "brand supervisor of large-scale network recruitment activities, from hundreds of submissions from the provinces and autonomous regions, selected 26 critical and serious and responsible customer as a problem supervision of the brand product quality, logistics, customer service Service Brand Supervisor, to other consumers with a safe, secure, transparent shopping experience.

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