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March 30th – 31 days, two days of the 2012 GOMX global network marketing conference (GOMX Conference) at the Xiamen International Exhibition Center successfully held the annual meeting in 2012, the first field in Chinese held the largest global network marketing event, conference will continue adhering to the "professional, open" attitude to the general practitioners in the Internet industry. The research of network marketing personnel with rich content.

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introduction, this GOMX meeting brings together 115 industry experts and elites, not only including Baidu, Taobao, Renren, go, Zhaopin and other well-known business executives, and include Chuan Yang, Taihu, science and technology, point cloud electricity supplier iClick, Burson cube, and a number of network name the top domestic Internet service provider network marketing and advertising company. At the same time, many e-commerce brand enterprise representatives are also participants. More global domain name leading enterprises Sedo China area manager, President of R3 management consulting company, vice president of HogoDigital operations and other overseas guests. Strong lineup of guests, the capsule to do all areas.

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at the opening ceremony of the 30, R3 President GregPaull site analysis of the global network marketing trends, Taobao search person in charge of the text of the Chinese e-commerce shopping industry comparison and analysis. The opening ceremony of the forum, Sedo business development director MatthiasMeyer-Sch· nherr, ShadstoneCEOMichaelMichelini, SEMPO; China Chairman Yang continued, net Mai Chen Qian, senior vice president of Johnson’s digital marketing manager Zhang Jian vision day to discuss the overall situation, in 2011 the Chinese and foreign network marketing development differences and cooperation in space, made a comprehensive the industry summary and prospect for the network marketing industry. In addition, iClick co-founder Wu Youping released a love Click smart advertising platform.

two days, meeting with brand marketing, SEM, SEO, SNS marketing, email marketing, data analysis, the domain name industry, garment industry, electronic commerce and other nine special venue, deep discussion and sharing in different areas.

search engine marketing strategy on the special, Baidu Marketing Manager Yang Lingshuang shared the experience of Baidu and electricity supplier, CEO Wu Youping Chinese Love Click focus on the Baidu brand area, Yoyi SEM director Zhang Kang, Darwin marketing business director Ji Lingyun and other guests also participate in industry rules of search engine marketing; electronic commerce. Help me to buy, CEO, from South Korea’s Yin Rujie, chief technology officer Li Molin points of business intelligence, and city marketing director Ye Meng, Li Yan et al Emay CEO share comparison shopping, online marketing, brand distribution, group purchase on the subject of their experience; in the SEO summer special, easy network general manager Wang Yuyang, net Michael Chen Qian, senior vice president of Borner.

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