How the 30 year old boy family members do not understand the technical success

throughout the summer of 2011, there was an idea in my mind. No matter when I am awake or sleeping, I will think of this idea, and even sleep every night with a smile. I found I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, I just had to choose to make it work. I know that if you are reading this article, you will be curious about what it is and how it works.

at that time, my wife had to stay at home to take care of our three children, so I had to work full-time. I am the only source of income in the family, and more importantly, the whole family needs to rely on me to maintain health insurance.

this means that I have to insist on a full-time job (no chance that I possessed, creative) unless I find one of the following three ways: first, entrepreneurial projects to achieve profitability; second, for their own projects change; third, to convince my wife, risk (hungry) is worth it.

every choice has a lot of challenges (it’s not an excuse):

to achieve profitability: to make money is a prerequisite for the need to have a product. If the product you have the skills or to spend money to hire someone to help you, it is also ok. But the problem is, I don’t have either. In addition, this product can not be profitable quickly.

change: first of all, it still needs to have a product. Secondly, the need for a team to support this product. Again, you need to look for investors, many investors. This process will take up most of your day. Finally, I need a job to support my life.

persuaded her family to be honest, I don’t care what other people say, but it’s a bad decision not to talk to my wife. Yes, entrepreneurs need to take risks, which has become part of their DNA. However, the risk is divided into the risk and be negligent carefully calculating risk. With all my heart, if you can’t keep your family alive, it’s a risk of carelessness and serious consequences.

so, what should I do? Frankly, thirty years old man like me, the pace of life is fast, the moment can not stop. I must try my best to get through this process as soon as possible.

I stop thinking about it and start looking for a solution. Here are my ways:

to find out which of my friends knows how to make a commodity;

keeps harassing these friends until they believe in the idea and are willing to help;

promised to these friends, before I set up a team, they only need to do a small amount of work;

to build a WordPress site, including the registration page and how to work page;

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