n order to get married took off

Taobao for 5 years, from experienced many hardships is the ordinary people can not understand that, I can now understand just how open the green hand, step by step up up! From 1 hearts to the crown, from purchase to delivery, from the delivery to the customer service service, I had time soon, all efforts are put into the Taobao shop, in order to avoid advertising and I suspect the letter I, re apply for the issue of the.

may be most full-time Taobao people have this experience, say do Taobao, pressure against all came home, people not only do not understand also often give you pour cold water, you can earn money is OK, the problem is that we simply do not earn money early, so the family every day is a fight. Blow constantly scolded us, say you young not to go to work to play at home all day ah…. I play! A day from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., that really is not playing, that is real in hard work, every bed is dizzy, the home, do not understand the same makes me very sad, because his girlfriend’s understanding and support, is my only motivation. If, without her, I wouldn’t stick to it, so I take all the pressure to bear.

later, after Taobao University in Daisen who some advice, I qualified as a Taobao manager. Through their own efforts and constantly enhance their treasurer literacy, slowly, credibility is more, the business will do up, after the money, the family did not say what, but still say this every day to play but also to make money on the Internet, really surprising. Alas…. Play again!

time of day by day in the past, my girlfriend and I have gone through four years of time, about to enter the marriage hall, this is a good thing, but his girlfriend’s family and my family, I also feel every day on the Internet bubble, although money, but it is not good for your body, and I always worry about his daughter married after life will not always in harmony, Taobao advised me to shut the shop, and then find a formal job.

opened Taobao shop has been in the back of my girlfriend silently support me, pain and pain, and finally decided to turn off the Taobao shop. On the Internet issued a notice saying that they want to take off Amoy, a lot of buyers and small sellers who feel sorry for me, there are some sellers wish me a happy wedding also told me to sell the shop.

I accepted their advice on the Internet a lot of online trading platform to sell the store to hang up the information. Soon many platform reporters began to send me a message, many of them want me the price to sell, but I didn’t promise, a shop called A5 trading platform (tao.admin5.com) contact me there are people who want to buy buyers directly seconds, I think is not very reliable, but the net shop in a week around the time of the end of the transaction, the share of the money, I also got my selling shop close to twenty thousand, which enables me to re evaluate this platform.

took the money, I hurried to the I DO, bought the gold thecrush ring >

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