Vip com responded to the United States plagiarism accusations ignore vicious competition


technology news on April 18th news, senior vice president Liu Huipu yesterday accused, micro-blog suspected of selling fake theft authorization, copy copy, and has issued a lawyer’s letter. responded by saying that has always been the sale of products are legally authorized genuine, there is no so-called plagiarism.

yesterday, Liu Huipu micro-blog pointed out that suspected of selling fake goods, the United States also copied overseas purchase page, including product introduction, copy details, model head, brand authorization documents etc.. He immediately asked offline copy infringement, and public apology.

Feng Jialu, vice president of

said, has always been the sale of products are legally authorized genuine, and the Pacific to ensure that the quality of the insurance consumers feel at ease shopping. Through the legal cooperation with the brand side or brand authorized by the parties to purchase goods from the formal legal channels".

for the United States accused of plagiarism, Feng believes that there is no so-called plagiarism. " page designs for these beauty products are provided by the supplier. The page appears to be the problem of to provide suppliers with the design of the page is not strictly caused by the audit, but the product is not a problem, are legitimate genuine. The incident also revealed that we are not strict in the page design audit. The company has once again strengthened the page review mechanism to ensure that no longer the same problem. "

Feng Jia Lu finally said: " in the future, will continue to focus on continuing to provide quality goods, to meet the shopping needs of consumers, also welcome all media and consumer supervision." (Tong Gao)

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