More than 4600 pieces of Chinese domain No one shows any interest in online auction


e-commerce company registered more than 200 pieces of Chinese domain name, domain name registration Chinese also built a special board network, popular domain names registered by the others for more than 4400 pieces, put on the auction online. The person in charge of the company by surprise, more than 4600 pieces of domain name not only for the high income, and the parties have no response, a transaction.

in Electronic Commerce Corporation Zibo Tian Zheng He Shuxun told reporters that more than 4600 pieces of Chinese domain covering the well-known enterprise name, common name, surname and celebrity industry buzzwords and other categories, specific domain names such as "Qingdao Hisense.Com", ".Com Chinese Tongrentang", even just include the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage "Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup" has been registered as domain name Chinese.

reporter found that many companies pay special attention to the protection of product trademarks, but did not realize the importance of the registration of the trademark name Chinese domain name to form a network trademark. Some well-known large enterprises "network trademark consciousness is strong, but most enterprises have no awareness of this, many well-known enterprises such as Zibo Xinhua Pharmaceutical, green Purcell, and even network information industry well-known domain name Chinese Zhuo record information has been registered.

Zibo Tian Zheng

e-commerce company at the beginning of the planning horizon of a Chinese domain name auction, the two companies received a letter from a lawyer. In Zibo, the local industry and Commerce Department, auction companies, is part of the company’s registered enterprises and held a forum, the majority of enterprises that registered behavior both in moral level or at the legal level should be condemned, said that through legal means to regain the domain name. The auction ended up under pressure and the company turned to online auctions.

reporter was informed that, in addition to the traditional ".Cn", ".Com", ".Net" and other English domain name suffix, "China" will be formally written into the global root domain name system in 2009. Some experts believe that although the arbitration and litigation by way of enterprise, may recover the lost Chinese domain, but this method is often time-consuming, even to pay a high price, compared with this may well be the best way to register.

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