Dig people is not as good as people

Job hopping people, many companies prefer to pay high, high treatment as bait, do everything possible from other companies, especially in the same industry will be senior management talent dug. The reason is that these companies are nothing more than that, raising the cost of a huge, as digging people come to save time and effort.

Human capital refers to the so-called

in addition, analysts believe that in 1990s the United States enterprise survey, for training employees $1 can get $50 in economic benefits. Motorola in 1992 in terms of staff training to increase the funding of $4 million, new training courses in 100, the company profit of $500 million.

undeniable, the efficiency of internal recommendation is indeed very high, but generally speaking, hired people and enterprise culture period will be very long. Therefore, if it is not a shortage of talent, or internal training more cost-effective. There are people that counted this account: if the enterprise provides an entrepreneurial environment, give them a stage to display their talent is equal, the rate of return is equal, the difference between high and low cost in the appointment at the beginning of the headhunting company by the salary Commission, some up to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of yuan, the cost is too high.

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