Famous electricity supplier platform sales of dyed eggs posing as soil egg prices turn 7 times

to buy eggs, people tend to prefer eggs in the soil, that it is more nutritious than ordinary eggs, more safe and healthy.

recently, a Qingdao people found that the purchase of soil eggs not only egg yolk color is particularly deep, even the egg white is also red, after the experts to judge, it may be caused by the addition of a stain in the chicken feed".

Hebei Shijiazhuang area an egg farmers told the Beijing News reporter, "staining egg" is very common, adding a small amount of red and yellow pigment in chicken feed, "a few days later, chicken egg yolk color is deep, so the eggs can be soil egg price to sell, more money". In the market, the price of eggs is significantly higher than ordinary eggs.


creative photography Beijing News reporter Wang Yuanzheng

food safety experts believe that if there is no illegal use of cheap agricultural industrial pigments, will pose a threat to the health of consumers. At the same time, the sale of fake eggs dyed eggs, it is a commercial fraud.

food and nutrition expert Fan Zhihong said that the relevant standards of the state and in the egg without soil, nutrition soil, egg and ordinary egg does not have what difference, it is recommended that consumers do not blindly buy fake alert and soil egg, "dyeing eggs".


dyed eggs posing as the price of eggs 7 times

Beijing News reporter search found a number of shops in the domestic well-known electronic business platform sales Egg dye pigment, and the slogan "egg dyeing preferred" and "result of excellence" and "to the domestic poultry field is recommended, in order to improve the commercial value of product" slogan. A company called Henan Xingyuan chemical products Co. Ltd. "shop sales staff told reporters that the company sells two kinds of egg yolk coloring agent," carophyll red "and" carophyll yellow ", per kilogram, priced at 500 yuan and 600 yuan," usually add a ton of feed on 100 grams to pigment. Poultry feed on 3 days, effective immediately". The sales staff said, the pigment sales have been very good, customers are mainly poultry breeders.

reporter visited found that some stores can also veterinary drugs as feed additives in the sale of colored eggs. Another insiders told the Beijing News reporter, many consumers believe that the egg yolk color darker and more nutritious, that this egg is soil egg authentic, and the sale of soil egg, some were fed with artificial pigment dyed, is not really a native egg. Some dealers specifically to the chicken farm to set up such a dyed eggs, hands as’ eggs’ sell high." The source disclosed.

According to the October 2015

Ministry of agriculture national agricultural products wholesale market price shows that the ordinary egg price is 6~10 yuan / kg range, the reporter found that in a number of electronic business platform, some soil egg prices even as high as 87 yuan / kg, is 8 times the ordinary egg, and usually the sale of a child.


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