Net duct witness a confession don’t chowhound iPhone 7 as long as burst thigh

iPhone 7, netizens and fry: to flaunt the nouveau riche, please eat grass root soil as early as possible. There are users ridicule: finally can use the girlfriend iPhone 6……

In the

group as one falls, another rises Tucao sound, away from the noise of the upright are chowhound didn’t care. Their real idea is this: iPhone 7 delicious it is not so expensive, not as good as a few "burst thigh"……


What is the

explosion thighs? Good? As a senior chowhound, they will tell you: "I only wear on the leg, thigh burst"! In Zhengzhou, do not know the "explosion thighs" you really out. Today, let’s only listed company – web hosting network duct Xiaobian take you to understand the chowhound who loved delicacy brand.


explosion thigh is one of the many brands of Zhengzhou Yang Yang Catering Management Co., Ltd., from the origin of the brand, the development of the company has been established for 8 years. Burst of thigh was mainly located in the snack + Chinese fast food market, to stew grilled chicken + chicken cake for the main products, take the popular consumption route. In the future, fried thigh series of food to be spread all over the country, to become the most popular young Chinese fast food brands.


not only that, but also to pay attention to share the thigh and spread its brand culture, play the greatest social value. Join the open channel is a major development strategy of detonation series aims to spread the ham delicacy, business philosophy and management methods of outstanding, seek win-win cooperation, to maximize the social value of chicken thigh explosive cake, led more people to create more social wealth. The thigh will eventually become the first Chinese fast food franchise brand


August 11, 2016, burst thigh and network Explorer ( signed a web hosting agreement. The Internet era, companies should not only do a good job offline products, but also to show the strength of the product on the site in order to better spread, which is more widely promoted. Network Explorer will help promote the thigh thigh brand strength to enhance the overall strength of the network, so that enterprises grow up faster.

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