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search engine cache

snapshot of Web sites is not the same, why? Because the update frequency and weight of each site is different. Even with different keywords to search the same website, this website will also show a different love Shanghai. Why? Because the search engine cache. You search for "the return of the word Xiamen Shanghai dragon" search results, is likely to be directly in the call cache search engine results directly. Because the cache directly matched to your search, search engine without the need to re sort.

cache is cache, is a field of computer technology is very common, we are most familiar with, I am afraid that the browser’s cache.

search engine to index the content and the contents of the cache as consistent as possible, launched two cache update strategies: cache index close coupling strategy; cache index non coupling strategy.

if your website has been updated new content, but also the latest search engine index the content of your site, but when you search for certain keywords, you can still see the old website content, because the cache content will not immediately change with content index. This inconsistency is more or less impact on the user experience.

search engine cache update strategies to improve the user’s search experience plays an important role.


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search engine cache can be so simple description: open up a data store in high speed memory hardware, query, index data, search the intermediate results used to store the user’s search or the final search results. The size of the cache is limited, can not be unlimited data storage. Therefore, the search engine will take the cache update strategy and cache elimination strategy management maintenance buffer storage data.

today is May 26, 2013, in Shanghai love to search for the term "Xiamen Shanghai dragon", we can see that in the ranking of top ten sites in Shanghai love, the love of Shanghai in different. The latest snapshot of love Shanghai is May 21, 2013, some May 18, 2013 and May 19, 2013.

love Shanghai almost every week will be updated once, and usually choose to update the midnight in the night. Here is the search engine update cache update. This paper is a brief introduction of caching mechanism of search engine.

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for more details about these two kinds of cache update strategies later. Interested comrades can buy Zhang Junlin to write "this is the core technology of search engine — a book.". Whether you are.

value of search engine cache: a user query search, faster response speed, improve the user experience of search; two, reduce the amount of calculation of search engine background, save computing resources.

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