nterpretation love sea will handle not related to static search results page

September 6th, Shanghai station in Shanghai love Lee love Webmaster Platform issued a "static search results page will be dealt with harshly" article. The following is my interpretation of this article reads as follows:

interpretation of

, a sample page theme "online Script Font Converter", but the search results page for a variety of goods list, content not related.

from this understanding is the love of Shanghai targeted mainly for the search engine manufacturing unreasonable page (this process there are three main categories, detailed below).


"Dear webmaster friends:

two, page theme of "Chery energy-saving fuel", but a variety of topics in the search results page content are completely irrelevant.

An online tool

love Shanghai web search anti cheating team recently found a part of the site to generate a large number of popular keywords traversal search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupy the corresponding area of high quality website revenue, we will make a website for such harsh treatment I hope this problem webmaster timely corrective adjustment."

targets: tool station


interpretation of

this time some webmaster began to take the "shortcut", we then look down love Shanghai for three examples.


love the first Shanghai example, a font converter. This page has a large number of related goods, webmaster friends will think, what is strange, the owners do not rely on these ads to make ends meet, it is good, but we still remember the May 17th is also love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released "the pomegranate algorithm of low mass for the terminator" page these contain a large number of low quality pop ads and a large number of confusing page main content spam page for the first time updating algorithm. Baidu the intention is good, from the entire Internet ecological environment, low quality advertising more and more rampant are added each corner, on a large number of sites everywhere, this has seriously affected the normal user’s browsing experience. Imagine, when you open a web page, see is not interested in the content but is a large area of advertising advertising popups or junk confusion, cover the main content, self-evident how you feel?.

webmaster friends all know, the establishment of the time to deploy some long tail keywords used to obtain the long tail words flow, which is part of the flow relative to the main keywords, although a single flow is low, but a large number of long tail words, the long tail keywords traffic will account for a high proportion.


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