Now do you have no future in Shanghai Dragon

first, Shanghai dragon was bad mouthing already for a long time, many years ago, there are people who say Shanghai dragon will die, but in reality is always in progress. I am referring to the progress is that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners still in the expansion, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners skills has been in progress. After many years of

second, search behavior will not disappear. The Internet is the biggest characteristic of diversity of information, people can through the search to find whenever and wherever possible the various information sources of information. Since the media in the development of SNS growing, people or things but the demand for new information is not just limited to known. For example, in micro-blog, we often visit is that we focus on people’s information, but we can also find the hot events of different point of view through the search. If we just put their information stay in known people, so our horizon will be limited, will miss a lot of wonderful content. Any person from the media and a circle of creative and fresh is limited, so we need to explore the unknown by searching.

recently saw a post, pessimistic about 2014 Shanghai Longfeng will be a large number of people unemployed, because on the one hand, love Shanghai ranked more and more well done, in addition to the vigorous development of people from the media on the network media support, on the one hand also weakens the influence of grassroots webmaster and Shanghai dragon search to further reduce the demand, Shanghai dragon. Even see an interesting discussion on micro-blog, that is now the network company will no longer provide the specified keywords ranking service, because of the love of Shanghai has little effect……

Shanghai Longfeng, this once had some brilliant industry, was named the top ten most potential industry, as the network marketing is the core component, seems to have been exposed to the risk in the teeth of the storm. But in the pessimistic behind the big have other views:

third, Shanghai dragon in progress, because of the development of search technology, especially the advent of the era of big data based on search, intelligent and fair more, some rely on Shanghai dragon tricks and ways to get ranked technology gone for ever, resulting in many only understand Shanghai Longfeng shallow knowledge people gradually withdraw from the stage of history, also is the so-called unemployment a lot of people. In fact, any industry is the Pyramid model, good technology is always xiangbobo technical difference will be gradually eliminated. But the reality is very cruel, there are many schools in Shanghai Longfeng although for many years, but the technology has not been particularly large change, leading to gradually no effect.

? The development of

, we can clearly see that the Shanghai dragon is not dead, because as long as the existence of the behavior of the search, there Shanghai dragon space. For example, because the current Taobao, micro-blog Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon Jingdong Shanghai Phoenix is just unfolding

finally, I personally believe Shanghai dragon is promising, especially there have been some basic people, because.

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