The text of the list of advertisersFrom refugee to chief technology officer of Uber the story of an

uncovered the story behind an Asian face and touched a strange history……

editor’s note the legendary investor George · Soros is Jewish refugees, MSCI CEO Henry. Fernandez is the Nicaragua refugees, the late former Intel CEO Andy · grove is the Jewish refugees…… Hail to the builder of miracles. The translation is from the ostrich FM. Click the text at the end.

3 days later, MT-2377 arrives at Mara Thea. How many people died in these 3 days, without any record in interviews with Thuan Pham. Only know >


do not know more details about his childhood, because many have been selectively forgotten, but one thing is ingrained to stay: the survival instinct will never change until death, fling caution to the winds to live.



, his name is Thuan Pham. He’s Uber CTO now.

before that ship, Thuan Pham had been living in Xigong with his family, flying over the wall, day and night. Death knows when and where to knock on whose door. Jedi survival is a required course every day. When the air raid alarm sounded, the Thuan Pham would quickly close the doors and windows and drill into the bottom of the table to wait for the day. As soon as the sun comes out, Thuan Pham will run out and play with his companions, picking up warheads, which are all around them.

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vietnam. 1955 to 1975. According to sh419’s explanation, this is a "Vietnam war against the North Vietnam", which ended in the surrender of South vietnam. After the collapse of the economy, more than 1 million 500 thousand Vietnamese fled their homes by boat, and the word "boat people" was born. The hero of this article is on a ship in 1979. That year, he was 10 years old, with orphaned mother, younger brother, and more than 370 other people curled up on a 60 metre long refugee ship, and there was no life jacket on and off the ship. It was the end of his childhood and the beginning of his exile.

is a number MT-2377 in the Thuan refugee boat, Pham memory, and it is now full of refugees in Syria. The boat of identical. 60 meters, three on the lower layer, each corner was stuffed to the brim, can not be turned around, Thuan Pham was tucked in, by an air hole each one and a little food for 3 days. Privacy and dignity? Go to him. The excretion of 3 days all pull in the crotch, including women, including his mother Thuan Pham.

Jedi survival, only figure Paul

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