Share of love Shanghai two level domain name and directory advice understanding

, a web page can row to the front of the search results, "background" is very important, if from a site weight high website, the row to the front of the possibility of greater and vice versa. Usually the weight of zhuzhandian is the highest, the site will inherit a partial weight from the primary site of inheritance, depending on the site quality and decide. The content is not rich enough to be an independent site before content in zhuzhandian under a directory in search engine can get better performance.

rich in content and the abuse of a lot of subdomains, search engines will be punished for cheating.

first look at love Shanghai suggestions:

subdomain, the content can visit each other, may be the search engine as duplicate content and in processing, the retention of URL is not necessarily normal under the domain name.

1: I get the message, do not use sub site in the form of content is not rich enough before. This rich scale really can not say, it depends on the experience, how to help to come to Shanghai dragon. The ranking came to see, usually higher than the main site right important station, so the same keyword more likely ranking, of course, can not be absolute. For example, there may be higher than the weight of the master station, or the same keywords in the sub station received a higher weight transfer, the ranking will be more forward.

search engine will identify the theme of the site, if the site content is not high correlation, may lead to the search engine error identification. The correlation is not high content in different domain name, search engine can help to better understand the theme of the site.

3. domain content between good authority, separated from each other under the a.example贵族宝贝 content, cannot access the

2. difference of content is larger, the correlation is not high, the use of sub site

Chen read an article before "the different circumstances of the two level domain using SWOT analysis" in Chen Nian talked about some problems of the two level domain name, in fact, in the two level domain name on the choice of love Shanghai is giving us suggestions, choose to use the domain name or sub directory to distribute web content on the site in the search engine, the performance will have a greater impact. This paper gives the suggestion of Shanghai love to talk about my understanding.

1. in a channel contents are not rich enough to exist as an independent site before using the catalog form; channels such as the content of the accumulated enough, then converted into sub domain in the form of

through b.example贵族宝贝

4. do not abuse sub domain

second: if the correlation is not high search engine error recognition means may have a wrong judgment of the ZhengZhan theme. For example, originally a maternal information station, under the column of agricultural knowledge, financial knowledge and so on, and not related to the content, it.

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