The Domain page is not the first extension point a

In the morning,

site is some temporary right down. The above mentioned do this website hot water boiler. Because at that time had come this, so to find some articles, a total of only 10 articles mentioned on the website of domain is not the first home page, and the solutions are very vague. Later discovered that time domestic good Shanghai dragon why forum also appeared in the domain is not the first case. In addition the feather teacher’s blog www.yumao Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 was also appeared in this situation. (the former is obviously not a new forum, which was launched more than 1 months. >


called the new station, of course was just on the line of the site. Mentioned here is certainly has just been search engine included new sites. Because the new website is just on the line. The content of external links is quite low, so the weight is not high. (old name weighted domain name do new sites except. ) then because of low weight site domain is not very normal in thought.

two. Temporary right down

A5 wrote a < < > the three basic factors of the choice of keywords; > see that for some webmaster friends will be helpful. Because today is Sunday for some time, so I went to see some other webmaster webmaster information online publication. (learning proficiency for officialdom, you really have the experience of the ancients. We have to put our brain) armed. Happened to see a domain is not the first home page article < < Lu Guofu: Discussion on the Domain home page is not the first and recovery method of > > this article introduces the domain home page is not the first case and recovery method. Here a network has its own different view extension. (recovery method is no problem. Is mainly about domain, if the home is not the first station there is indeed a certain degree of drop right. Domain is not the first) may have some people will feel strange, only heard that the temporary site is not the first site may be K or search engine caused by the fault data. What domain is not the first argument? In fact, this situation does exist. My first site is a hot water boiler enterprise website 贵族宝贝shenfengguolu贵族宝贝/ this website at that time has been love Shanghai love Shanghai assessment period (before assessment period basically is about 3 months, and now there are signs that love Shanghai search engine for the new site assessment period duration. ) is more than 3 months of the website, and then the response link in more than 1000. Later appeared on domain is not the first home page. (now a partial recovery of some keywords ranking. ) is caused by the following factors for the cause of this situation may be the main:

. The new station really new

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