The 3 Cheats its website optimization

if you site things are reproduced or pseudo original, not a little bit of the original, the love of spiders in Shanghai several times will not come again to you as a mother, a result is that you have no way to update the snapshot, snapshot old, weight is low, the website also ranked to think and to the. For example, another story, but every time I go to listen to him is something new, other places have not heard, once so, twice too, you will often come to listen to his stories, because here you will harvest. Love every time Shanghai spider crawled over and found you there are fresh, not elsewhere, it will be used to. In the course of time, the search engine is more and more, the snapshot of the update is timely, the weight of the website is also bigger, ranking also naturally go up. Every day, the spider put you as a bride, search engines like us, love new things.

3, the website itself on its website optimization Shanghai Longfeng favorable

is of high quality and the chain related resources, the second is the original content, again is the site within the pages of rational planning, in-depth analysis of the following:

.The chain of The

1, the high quality is very beneficial to its own website in Shanghai dragon

website is only able to raise your life products, the longer the more valuable site, like the 39 Health Network, and appropriate high quality is the chain brand with good reputation. The authority is PR high, included, the spider come every day, the weight is high, the chain is an advertisement. In a reasonable position, plus simple anchor text link, but must point to the web content consistent with the content page to page access: PR high, included, the spider come every day, high weight. A good product, plus some authoritative advertising can make the product more brand, improve product visibility.

2, keep 80% of the original, regular updates on their website of Shanghai Longfeng favorable


‘s website is the packaging of the web site, such as sales, the most successful product is not how to sell, but to sell their own success. Take Wang Laoji, a price in the supermarket in the restaurant, another price, another price in the restaurant, five star hotel in another price. So the optimization of the site itself is also very important. The pursuit of the user experience in the search engine traffic king today, the Internet has become the product operation have to pay attention to the content. The website of Shanghai dragon in magic at the same time, also has a high degree of controllability. The search engine is always so unpredictable, in such a competitive environment, a little inattentive to suffer. However, any complicated things, can be simple. Do the basic knowledge and skills of Shanghai dragon will not say, we need to be more stable and controllable, small run. No investigation, no right to speak. If you really want to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon website data monitoring analysis. Through the website.

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