The actual data show that 360 of search users value than the love of Shanghai

in Shanghai ranked first you may click can reach more than 20%, on average more than 15% are normal. While the 360 is difficult to do this, because advertising is divided.

you know the 360 Chinese searching is now the second largest search engine, do Shanghai dragon friends now pay more and more attention to the performance of the 360 search. In fact, this is right, because the use of 360 search basically is white users, white users generally believe that the content of search engine. Two examples for everyone, I was 19 years old when I go on the Internet to find the treatment of rhinitis is. At that time, in particular that search engine that is ranked first official, the search engine is not deceptive, so at that time didn’t want to choose to believe in the past.


now do Shanghai dragon, do the bidding, these things are very clear what is going on. Another example is one of my friends do not think of the Internet, it is the result of the search engine in Shanghai to provide their own love. But also help users have been chosen, is trustworthy. I believe that most people are not professional have such ideas, we have the opportunity to take advantage of these professionals this information asymmetry mechanism to make money.

So if you love For example, we know that Taobao

off profits are high, we will never fall in love with the sea to find the results of direct purchase, if the purchase is said with the store where I come from, I don’t have to buy this link you give me some money. In fact, this loss is not Taobao sellers, but Taobao guest. If you are like us, general Taobao capital. These white users are most likely to prove just a group of people believe flicker and the Internet, also is the most valuable group of people, a group of people that nature is our most should grasp.

until now do the bidding is more intuitive, because the data in the bidding is the most comprehensive and most intuitive. Because our company is love Shanghai and 360 for all did, 2 than 1 investment proportion. For example, Shanghai invested 300 yuan love money, 360 invested 150 yuan of money, in fact 360 traffic accounted for 40%, accounted for 60% of the traffic to fall in love with the sea. There’s a reason, 360 of the Shanghai love competition is not so strong, click on price to a little lower than the love of Shanghai. In addition the click rate is not as easy to love Shanghai, because the show is not the same. If the ten love Shanghai auction with natural search is the same. While the 360 only 3 results.

above is only some simple analysis, these are my data. For example, when I did the weight-loss drug Taobao customers, there are about hundreds of dollars monthly income. Then the site is love Shanghai good times don’t last long, right down. Since then rarely open the site, downhearted, until there is a chance to open the Taobao alliance account, found that it was still 1000 yuan of money, then I wondered where the money was coming from, then a check site statistics, it is found that the flow is 360 full search, I will understand.

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