Shanghai dragon er from the 0 to the way of the construction of the chain pass within

The internal links of low cost, easy to control, as long as the pre planned link structure, can directly link deployment on your website in the chain to deploy early to prepare keyword form, which word links which pages, and by which the page, to make regulations. This is the implementation of the plan, in the process of implementation of the program you will become simple, save your time. Good inside chain can improve the search engine index rate, we all know that a page to be collected, the first is to be "" (spider crawling search engines work can see "Xiaoqiang Shanghai dragon er from 0 to pass" the food), spider crawling after will be put into the search engine in contrast to delete data. Generally we are the spider crawling channel to build outside of the link, but if you want to pages within the website also be included if you need a good internal link.

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