The eight quality search engine favorite websites should have

five, a regular habit of stable content.


search engine to provide Internet users is related to the information they need, the quality of the information precisely determines the status of the search engine users in mind, the survival and development and market share are closely related. Therefore, high quality content search engine will attach great importance to originality in the screening of the effect of the content of the website, after all these contents for users to provide high quality information plays a decisive role in the website therefore need to increase the proportion of the original content, for the further love.

three, concise, clear site structure and elements.

two, fast and smooth site response speed.

for each of the different sites, search engine spiders sent to crawl and grab the frequency is different, which is decided by the website itself in updating the content of the law. If >

in order to improve the website of search engine friendliness, critical web structure and elements using the concise and clear. The use of clear structure, conducive to search engine spiders crawling and crawling program can improve the efficiency of the spider crawling website, but also can reduce the negative impact caused by the redundant code because. At the same time, less use of such as JS calls, TABLE, Flash and other elements, to improve the efficiency of search engines crawl and accuracy is also very important.

the speed of the site not only for the user to open the site when the user experience has a direct impact, but also its impact on the search engine spiders crawl and crawl, so whether it is love or noble baby are in Shanghai in the algorithm took into account the website open response time problem. A good website should provide the service to the user is fast, smooth site response, this website also can be affected by the search engine’s favorite.

To ensure the safety of The

search engine on the site is like a "referee", with its algorithm standards and rules to judge the quality of the website, and then choose from a standard, according to the website quality sequence given different ranking. Therefore, as a webmaster, want their website to obtain the referee in this "game" favor, get good rankings and included, they must match up, to achieve this goal in line with its demanded that their favorite conditions. In general, can obtain the search engine favorite web site should have the following qualities: eight

The Update

four, the high quality, the original content of the web site.

security is the basic premise of a web search engine can be trusted. If your site is related to viruses and Trojans and other security threats to Internet users, so this website is absolutely not get their trust, let alone get good rankings. Therefore, the safety, the user is responsible for website search engine is the first step to be loved, is the most basic requirement.

, a non-toxic and non trojan.

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