First consider the search engine to consider the user experience

love list of Shanghai announcement more from website content judgment. Some e-commerce sites in my analysis are formal website, similar to this case, but also the regular brand official website, in the safety of property is the use of Alipay and TenPay secured transactions, and the product page is original, no copy and collected phenomenon, the key word density is very low.

According to the Shanghai

case website when the website design, fully consider the user experience. Due to the low-end users direct client sites accounted for a considerable part, in order to target groups to adapt quickly to the website of cooperation and reducing the cost of user behavior training, simple structure of the site as much as possible. The first is not to put any extra columns. The second is to let users can be clear, concise article number, as far as the merger announcement, the same contents in one article (updated content and the corresponding update date, indicate no extra articles). Another is to simplify the commodity column layout, try to clean, at a glance. Navigation is as simple as possible, can streamline to streamline, try to merge ".

e-commerce website content page, in addition to the product details page, the page should be. The general common approach is to increase the page to increase the content of goods, followed by the increase in the content of some goods and independent, including industry information and marketing promotion column.

this time of electronic commerce website in Shanghai recently by love of Shanghai dragon algorithm to adjust the influence analysis of diagnosis, no convincing results. But the analysis made me a new idea: we often say that, in the premise of the user experience of search engine optimization. But at present, if the website operators do not understand the main search engine algorithm, even if is full of great importance to the user experience of Web site operators, search engines may also be strict punishment.

The This type of

analysis of a typical case, the Hangzhou style interpretation of women’s wholesale network. This station in April this year to June, Shanghai ranked love was the continued growth momentum, it gradually increased, but in June 28th, all love Shanghai page snapshot disappear. In August 19th, four in Shanghai and love the product page snapshot, second days, all the pages and disappear from the love of Shanghai. A B2C type electricity supplier website in the early development of the mainstream search engines to search is very serious.

Low quality site

love Webmaster Platform officially, which is of low quality website implement K processing station. We should know what is the meaning of K station, personification that is the search engine to a website’s aversion to the extreme, it will kill them. If there is no aversion to the extreme of a website, it will use depilatory, lower ranking methods warning – it’s a sense of responsibility, know that a website is one or a group of people’s hopes and dreams, so try to wipe out the warning, the behavior of course only to the most hate website.

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