The ultimate weapon detonated independent web site traffic

first, the user experience, the user experience is not simply refer to the web page appearance, articles are original, and refers to, your website can give you an actual reader’s help, also is your website to the hope that readers can do what can get what, what to learn! So that you may feel a bit abstract, I simply cite a few examples of what you think of your usual will be on site, for example, love Shanghai, Google station, behind, A5, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, or there are many according to the individual situation will have some differences, I will analyze this several websites about why they have huge traffic! Love Shanghai, Chinese search, now a lot of people have asked people that first love Shanghai why, because love can give a lot of people we want to Shanghai To answer, he just opened the door of the answer, but many people need him! Google is the same as did not say, the station should be webmaster friends every day, why, because there are a lot of friends in the above, there are a lot of experience to share, more likely to be outside the chain of advertising wait! News portal, it is not only browse the latest news and information, but also an advertising world, advertising can let you through these portals to earn enough money, there is a demand for people to buy above the line to buy the product, of course this is just one small part of the function the above example shows, they! Every site has a good user experience, can bring tangible benefits to the user, so they have a huge flow of



second is the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, the optimization is not only to optimize ranking to do, if one is to rank and optimize it to understand the meaning of the Shanghai dragon is too narrow, but the optimization in order to help readers find this website and do, in order to help the readers easier optimization to find the content they need do! With love Shanghai for example, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love I believe we are very familiar with, why, because you just found a what it can in the front row, and with the very real and the inside is very, because a lot of experts comprehensive information, Shanghai love a clever website, if you are in the front row in the fall in love with the sea search, you may say that this is the love of Shanghai hudu are eager, Human intervention, but you in Google search for it in the front row, it cannot be said that Shanghai still love the artificial intervention! In fact, love Shanghai good, but he is on the search engine to better understand the characteristics, can make better use of


Hefei Shanghai Dragon: the following is how to detonate the independent website traffic analysis two simple

if we can do these two words I believe that our website will certainly do like them strong, through the Shanghai dragon lead to some traffic, improve the user’s lead by a good user experience, this is the ultimate method of treasure detonated personal website traffic! This article represents only the personal views of Hefei Shanghai dragon if there is anything wrong with that, please.

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