The future trend of the 2012 after the Shanghai dragon where

at the present time, sometimes turn a lot of comprehensive ability will get great improvement is a very good choice, a >

Shanghai will also become the main dragon brand, after the website optimization, we need more brand as the site itself significance, now in Shanghai love adjustment, we can see too much of the site is down right, and then use the brand to promote their own, bring more traffic this is their own needs, requirements, after all if you have been to do a keyword optimization, rather than the brand, perhaps one day Shanghai is not happy, there is no web search traffic, and brand publicity at least you can avoid this situation on the impact of traffic.

: Shanghai dragon brand publicity will become a norm in

two: Shanghai dragon thinking ability should be more comprehensive in the direction to go

most of the time we are constantly doing keyword, but not their own brand publicity out, in this reason, it is too dependent on love Shanghai, is too dependent on the search, after the love of Shanghai, certainly there will be more and more competitors appear, and then your competitive keyword ranking, not only the new the site of this competition, also includes the old website appearing within the pages of this competition is to keep competition competition, will let the key down the evolution of competitive constantly, and the brand, but also after the road, then let customers continue again to visit, and then a second visit that is, the benefits of the future, the brand website, let oneself constantly strengthened, after Shanghai Longfeng deal with site adjustment, love Shanghai road update.

a road barrier, we can choose another road, we saw a lot of friends are always buried in the road outside the chain, the chain is very important, the chain we usually contact too much, such as exchange Links, blog outside the chain, the chain station group. The forum outside the chain, the chain of video, and so on the way the chain is the rhythm, in fact, at this time, we should be more capacity expansion in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Phoenix the most important feeling is writing ability, ability to adjust the structure, expand the marketing ability, the ability to expand Shanghai dragon should let be the best the choice of their own websites and development.

today, an article "Lu Songsong’s 2012 noble treasure and love Shanghai algorithm change summary", this year we saw the correlation among the most important love Shanghai adjustment, noble baby adjustments, these adjustments are predicted after Shanghai Longfeng trend, is the continuation of the previous crazy station group, or continue the chain the main strategy will make Shanghai dragon before this increasingly need to change, change is always there, in the update algorithm, then the Shanghai dragon movements will become more and more important, the following is the trend for some idea of the Shanghai dragon.

Sometimes we


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