Why website drop right How to restore

, in the chain of the same appropriate settings, if the chain set is not reasonable, or have a large number of anchor text, and even a lot of little relevance, that will also cause the page right down.



? reduce the

: how to judge the site down the right


if a site is not the first home page, the inside pages so that page weight is lower, this page ranking keywords participation will be greatly affected.

: what is the website drop right

The second part

ranking good keywords previous suddenly dropped to 30. This will lead to a lot of traffic but there should be no sudden.

is the most direct reduce traffic. For example, originally every more than 500 traffic, but suddenly one day only a few dozen, very few traffic.

site is down right after, as a webmaster, must be very anxious, so how to find the right down the reason? As long as you according to the following steps a little analysis, you can find the reason.

In addition to

a webmaster, had never met K station that I believe. But if anyone could ever meet the right things down, I dare say don’t trust anybody. This is not right down is a normal thing, so the site down the right, don’t confound, don’t get confused, don’t get a clue. Today it is not only a snail station right down for several hours, there is no fewer than ten people came to see me, said I stand down the right. Even in the search forum have friends in the post in the discussion I stand down the right thing, I said "Shanghai Shanghai dragon" ranking dropped to 100 outside the. Today I took his Shanghai Shanghai dragon snail blog to share with you the reason and recovery method of website down right.

included decreased


Site is not the first home page

website drop right

yesterday also saw a group of friends said, he is told, to increase keyword density in the top of the page, so you can make the page rankings. See this sentence, I’ll tell you: in addition to the normal increase of key words, try to increase the keyword density, it is easy to be a search engine that is cheating, so as to search engine drop right. So we have to check whether we have a good ranking deliberately to increase the number of keywords to web search engine.



Site results included a decrease in site.

The third part: why Optimization of ?

website down right refers to a website originally some good keywords ranking, suddenly dropped to 30. If suddenly keyword ranking fell to 100 outside, it is a serious drop right.

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